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Senior Salute 2024 – Rowan Ulyeman “

This month, we are featuring several of our graduating seniors as part of our “5th Annual EVIT Radio Senior Salute.” This year’s graduating class of 2024 comprises a significant number of seniors affiliated with 88.7 The Pulse. In recognition of their dedication and achievements, we are pleased to spotlight one of these outstanding seniors.

Meet Rowan Ulyeman, a senior at Queen Creek High School. Throughout his time at school, Rowan has consistently demonstrated a commendable enthusiasm and positivity towards both his peers and instructors. At the age of 18, Rowan stands on the brink of a promising future. His post-graduation plans include embarking on a charitable journey with Shape North West to Africa, where he aims to contribute to humanitarian efforts such as building wells for communities in need. Rowan’s favorite memory of EVIT was anytime that he was able to collaborate with his classmates on music projects. And a “fun fact” about Rowan is that “I make music and I’m going to be the next big mainstream artist!” Congratulations & good luck Rowan!

Rowan also shares a valuable piece of advice: “If you can control it, don’t stress about it and if you can’t control it, don’t stress.” This wisdom reflects his resilience and perspective, qualities that undoubtedly contribute to his success and inspire those around him.


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