Why Support 88.7 The Pulse

Reaching the majority of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, 88.7 The Pulse plays Today’s Hits and All Your Favorites.  It is the perfect educational “laboratory” for students eager to professionally learn the radio and music production business. Through underwriting sponsorships, 88.7 the Pulse provides an outlet for students to explore music, news, live sports, community focused issues as well as new forms of media like podcasting, digital and social media.

The Pulse is a non-commercial radio station that specializes in assisting our Underwriting Sponsors in achieving their goals while also supporting their local communities and students through our partnerships. On air messages, on site events, podcasts and social media are only a sampling of the tools we have to share!

Underwriting and sponsoring 88.7 The Pulse offers local businesses several compelling benefits:

Access to a Unique Audience: By underwriting The Pulse, local businesses gain exposure to a dedicated and engaged audience. Our listeners are passionate about community-driven content, and they actively support the station. Sponsoring The Pulse allows businesses to connect with this hard-to-reach demographic.

Positive Brand Association: Supporting a non-commercial radio station like ours creates a strong emotional bond with listeners. When price and quality are equal, 75% of public radio listeners prefer to frequent companies that support stations like ours. By underwriting The Pulse, businesses align themselves with a trusted community institution, enhancing their brand reputation and loyalty among our audience.

Additionally, underwriting messages will air throughout the day during music, news, sports and public affairs programming, providing frequent recognition for our partners.

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