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Senior Salute 2024 – Eden Selman

This month, we are featuring several of our graduating seniors as part of our “5th Annual EVIT Radio Senior Salute.” This year’s graduating class of 2024 boasts a remarkable number of seniors at 88.7 The Pulse, and we are thrilled to pay tribute to their dedication and achievements. Join us in honoring one of these outstanding seniors, Eden Selman!

Meet Eden, who is also graduating from Red Mountain High School this month. Eden is the co-host of the show “The Vibe,” heard every weekday from 12pm-1pm on 88.7 The Pulse. Her picture was also featured on the front page of the Arizona Republic after The Pulse won the John Drury national high school radio award for Best High School Radio Station! After EVIT, Eden is looking forward to traveling to New Zealand. She’ll also be attending Mesa Community College to study Communications. Her favorite EVIT memories are “hanging out with my friends at EVIT Expo and screaming the song ‘School’ by Nirvana during karaoke in the recording studio with my classmates.” And a “fun fact” about Eden is that she has “seven bumper stickers on my VW that my dad loves so much! I also fly planes and am addicted to traveling and living with different families in different countries.” Congratulations & good luck Eden!


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