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Senior Salute 2024 – Aaron Buster”

This month, we are featuring several of our graduating seniors as part of our “5th Annual EVIT Radio Senior Salute.” The graduating class of 2024 boasts a considerable representation of seniors affiliated with 88.7 The Pulse, deserving recognition for their diligent efforts and contributions. Among these accomplished individuals, we spotlight another standout senior.

Meet Aaron Buster, a former student of Coronado High School who pursued further education through EVIT as an adult learner. At 21 years old, Aaron stands poised to pursue his aspirations in the realm of physical labor, driven by a determination to achieve his goals and realize his dreams. Throughout his academic journey, Aaron has distinguished himself as a supportive peer, readily extending assistance to those in need. Aaron hopes to put his radio & audio production skills to get good use by landing an entry level radio job. His favorite EVIT memory was touring KTAR-FM, while also getting a behind the scenes look at the world of commercial radio. And a “fun fact” about Aaron is that he used to play football for Coronado High School, as both an offensive and defensive lineman! Congratulations & good luck Aaron!

Aaron also imparts a powerful piece of advice: “Don’t let somebody tell you the statistics of your future, only you can make your future”. This demonstrates Aaron’s resilience and self-reliance, serving as a testament to his character and serving as inspiration to others.


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