Looking through the Shades of Glitterer

Author: Eden Selman

Title Fight was a huge staple in the Alternative Rock/ Post Hardcore Punk scene, and my personal favorite band. Though their time as a band was a lengthy 15 years (2003 -2018), due to their lack of touring and desire to start other projects, they announced an indefinite hiatus. This was heartbreaking for many fans, but with this tragic heartbreak, new opportunities arose for the band members to continue creating profound art. The biggest example of this is the band Glitterer that was formed in 2017 after the bassist and vocalist of Title Fight, Ned Russin, departed because he was unsatisfied with the band and their lack of touring. He went on to create many projects such as, Disengage, Bad Seed, Stick Together, Big Contest, Liberty, and most known today Glitterer. Ned’s new band had taken off in 2017 and he began touring under this name.They have toured in numerous states in America, and many countries around the world. Fast forward to the present day, Glitterer announced an American tour in 2023.

When I got wind of this and saw the Arizona date, at the Nile Theater, I was so excited I couldn’t believe it. Being as Title Fight is my favorite band and Ned was such a huge part of this, I fangirled a little (more like a lot.) Not only was I excited to see Ned for his role in Title fight, but I was excited to see the band Glitterer for their music is very enjoyable. I bought the tickets pretty much as soon as I could and hopefully waited for February 16th (their Arizona date). Finally the day came and they were in Arizona, playing in the locally adored Nile Theater. This state of the art music venue was built in Mesa, Arizona in 1924 and is very popular for hosting alternative bands such as, Narrowhead, Japanese Breakfast, Enjoy, Sunami, Gatecreeper and so much more. Not only can you head over to the Nile to experience live music, but also you can grab a nice cup of coffee as well! They have a very appealing coffee shop with delightful design, including a very unique photobooth.

As I myself was in the Nile Theater waiting for Glitterer to come on, I felt overwhelmed with joy of the musical atmosphere. Though nothing could describe the overwhelming excitement that occurred when I saw the man himself enter onto the stage. There he was, in center stage, I could hardly believe it. He started with a simple “Hello Arizona,” which most bands/artists do on tour, and seconds later the band immediately goes into the first note of their song of the night, ‘Didn’t Want It’ off their album ‘Life is not a Lesson’ released in 2021. This was so awesome. I stood there in astonishment, they then played their next song, ‘The Race’, which immediately got my feet off the floor, nodding my head to the rhythm and jumping up and down. I could feel the music in person, rather than in my car or through my headphones which is the most amazing feeling. The talented band then went on to play the rest of their astonishing set, and I listened and danced around until the last minute. They said their thank yous to the audience and my boyfriend and I headed out.

 Shortly after my boyfriend and I walked around downtown for a little bit to catch some fresh air. As we were walking down the aged sidewalk, my boyfriend pointed and said to me “Is that him?”. I immediately turn my head and low and behold, there Ned is right on the sidewalk talking to a few locals. My boyfriend and I quickly looked back at each other and with a simple smile from both of us, we walked right over to him and asked for a picture. He kindly accepted our request and posed for a quick picture. We walked away feeling like absolute winners! Now the memory of meeting Ned from Glitterer, former Title Fight member can be captured and remembered forever. I made a joke that I now need to get a picture with all the former members and it will be like meeting the entire band!

Though my dreams of seeing Title Fight back together may never be answered, I can continue to go to concerts of bands I enjoy in places like the Nile theater, Trunk space, and The Van Buren. I’m thrilled to be able to go to such fun concerts, and see some of the most talented artists in the flesh. Until next time, keep rockin on!

Eden Selman


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