PHXLIGHTS Supernova Music festival!

Author: Brandon Neyenhuis

On March 29th and 30th, Phoenix Raceway was home to the PHOENIX LIGHTS Supernova Music Festival! I was given the opportunity to attend it. The energy of the crowd, to the beats blaring around me, made it a blast for everyone. Unlike several other festivals I’ve been to, this one was actually inside the Phoenix Raceway!

Since it was at the Phoenix Raceway, it made for a very interesting experience, especially upon entry. The ambiance of the community was great; everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming. Another aspect of the community I really enjoyed was the beautifully but wacky fashion some of the festival crew wore. The festival also included several vendors selling different items, from faux fur coats in odd patterns to inflatable aliens. PHX LIGHTS featured several amazing acts like Kaskade, Valentino Khan, Goddard, Apashe, and Nightmare! These acts were surely outstanding, but the highlight of my weekend was Dr. Oliver Tree’s set. Dr. Oliver put on such an absurd and interesting show, dancing about the stage accompanied by a 3D model of himself on the screens behind him. Overall, PHXLIGHTS Supernova was a very fun, life-changing experience that I hope to attend next year. Special thanks to RelentlessBeats and their partners for allowing us to cover the event!


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