Devin Booker Continues to Torch the Pelicans, as he Scores 52 Points

On the verge of the regular season ending, the Phoenix Suns are trying to activate playoff mode. They have been looking to find their true identity this whole season, but their 124-111 win vs. the New Orleans Pelicans helps them get a step closer.

In his last three games vs. the Pels, Devin Booker has averaged an astonishing 54.0 points per game. It’s safe to say that Book has fire in his eyes when he’s matched up against them.  He finished with 52 points, with 9 assists, and a career high of 8 three pointers.

The Suns once again showed that they can be a dangerous team if they play the right way. Jusuf Nurkic was another huge contributor as he scored 19 points, along with 19 rebounds. With Nurk playing his role each night, this team plays as one unit. 

New Orleans is a good team, and a great opponent for the Suns to get some early 

playoff game type atmosphere experience. 

The Phoenix Suns are once again a season best 13 games above .500. They jump back ahead to the seventh seed above the Sacramento Kings. The Suns look to keep winning in hopes to avoid the Play-In game. Phoenix will return home on Wednesday to host the Cleveland Cavaliers.


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