The Suns Stay Hot, After Defeating the Nets

Besides dropping two in a row on the road, the Suns have won two straight against the Heat and the Nets. Wednesday night’s game, showcasing the Suns and the Nets, featured a storyline where it was Kevin Durant’s return to Brooklyn.

In the days leading up to the game, KD was asked about a tribute video for his time with the Nets on the X app, and he declined due to a lack of time and accomplishments with Brooklyn. However, the Nets wound up giving the 14-time All-Star a video for his short stint with them.

The game also featured the twins (Mikal Bridges and Cam Johnson) playing against their former team, and it was clear that no love was lost. Late in the fourth quarter, Devin Booker hit a three-pointer, putting the Suns up 134-118, and Booker imitated Mikal Bridges’ famous three-point celebration. The Suns were all smiles after securing a road win (136-120).

Jusuf Nurkic had a great game with 28 points and 11 rebounds; he was fed inside all night. Kevin Durant had quite the return game with an efficient 32 points (10-16) and even a small celebration after getting an and-one over a swarm of Nets defenders.

Everything is falling into place for the Suns, and they seem to be having fun while doing it. Some other big headlines coming up include next week’s trade deadline, which will be significant for the Suns, and tonight we will see if Devin Booker becomes a four-time All-Star or not. The Suns will wrap up their seven-game road trip after the next two games: Friday in Atlanta against the Hawks and Sunday, where Bradley Beal will make his return to Washington against the Wizards. If the Suns win the next two games, they will be 10 games over .500 (30-20). Phoenix has a lot to look forward to as things seem to keep getting brighter for the Suns.


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