Takeaways from Suns’ Owner Mat Ishbia’s End of the Year Meeting with the Media

Shortly after the Phoenix Suns were swept by the Minnesota Timberwolves, a press conference was held by team owner Mat Ishbia and president of basketball operations and general manager James Jones. A few things can be taken away after the two met with the media.

Mat Ishbia clarified that the “house isn’t on fire” and stated that Suns’ starting five will return and there just has to be a few “tweaks” made to the lineup. 

This Suns season was nothing short of disappointing, but the championship window isn’t completely closed. Ishbia bought the team a little over a year ago and last year’s team won four fewer games than this current team. Ishbia was aggressive this past offseason, but the team still had many holes to fill. One of those holes was a lack of a point guard.

Suns’ GM James Jones commented on the situation by saying,”the team would benefit from a point guard.” While that statement is true, both him and May Ishbia stated how they think the Suns main three should be the main ones in control of the ball. All season long it was proven again and again that there needs to be a true point guard in the lineup that can lead an offense the right way. A lot of the Suns’ problems were when one of the three would be handling the ball and they would get stuck, then everything would just turn into iso hero ball. A point guard should be at the top of the teams’ priorities.

Ishbia was asked if Suns head coach Frank Vogel would be returning this year and he said that that hasn’t been discussed yet, and that the team is still evaluating the situation. Look, it would be hard for any coach to lead this current roster to a championship, but the thing about Vogel is how he was reluctant to try different things when dealing with the bench. Suns associate coach Kevin Young will not be returning, as he accepted a job at BYU as their men’s basketball head coach. So with that being said, it will be interesting to see what Phoenix does with their current  coaching situation. 

Mat also addressed how he sees how the fans are frustrated and how the Suns will try and win the championship every year. He understands why the fans are disappointed, but says, “we’re in a great position.” Many can disagree, but in reality if Phoenix can really pull off a great offseason, then they should have more success next season.

Some more from the press conference, it was made clear that the Suns will keep Devin Booker for as long as they can. Earlier today PHNX reporter, Gerald Bourget said how the New York Knicks will do what they can to acquire the star guard, but he will remain in Phoenix despite any other team’s interest, as he wants to finish his career with the Suns.

In conclusion, the Phoenix Suns will need to make many adjustments this offseason as well as building team chemistry. Let last year be a lesson that the offseason is a period to fill all your current holes and that depth is key. It is expected that there will be changes here and there around the team.


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