Kevin Durant Gives The Suns Their 6th Win In A Row

Looking to extend their five-game winning streak, the Suns played at home against the Chicago Bulls. However, Suns guard Eric Gordon was ruled out just before the game due to a wrist injury, raising concerns about how the Suns’ bench would perform.

Coming off a Sunday night victory against the Pacers (117-110), the Suns faced questions about their bench being outscored 55-9. Unfortunately for the Suns, Monday night’s game presented bigger problems beyond the bench, as the Bulls took early control while the Suns appeared sluggish.

Fatigue was a clear factor throughout the entire game. The Suns lacked a high motor, played sloppy defense, and struggled with their offense. Coby White was a significant factor for the Bulls, making plays throughout the night.

Despite the challenges, the Suns had bright spots in Kevin Durant and Drew Eubanks. Durant, having a stellar season, continued to shine, while Eubanks, who had been struggling lately, had a boost in stock.

Things turned for the better as the Suns pushed the Bulls to their limits in the fourth quarter. Kevin Durant remained hot, finishing with 43 points and the game-winning shot. This marked the Suns’ sixth consecutive win, placing them in fifth place in the Western Conference.

While the win showcased the Suns’ ability to come together in tough situations, it also highlighted that they should not have been in such a position in the first place. The team needs to address its all-game struggles sooner or later. Nevertheless, the win cannot be discounted, and Kevin Durant emphasized the key to winning: “Instead of turning it over, we got shots up.” The Suns capitalized on their momentum, resulting in a 115-113 victory. They will travel to Dallas for a must-win game against the Mavericks on Wednesday.


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