Decadence; The Sky Realm in Arizona

Author: Brandon Neyenhuis

2024 is here and we here at 88-7 The Pulse are excited for what the new year has to bring.
Personally I celebrated the new years at Decadence; The Sky Realm. Decadence Is a new
years EDM festival. My experience at the festival was great, the festival had multiple stages for
performances both of which were packed for a good duration of the festival. The best part in my
opinion was the community, everyone I met was nice and the atmosphere was very welcoming.
There were a ton of great acts during the show like Adventure Club, Subtronics, John summit,
SayMyName, Electric Polar Bears, And my personal favorite act of the show Black Tiger Sex
Machine. In my opinion Decadence; The Sky Realm was a very enjoyable experience and a
great way to start off my 2024.


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