The Suns Complete the Late Game Comeback Against the Kings

“All game things had been slow for the Suns. There weren’t many bright spots early on besides Grayson Allen. Things were not clicking for this team until suddenly there were 8:09 left to play in the fourth quarter.

Josh Okogie made a shot, resulting in a score of 109-89. At the time, it didn’t seem like much, but eventually, Frank Vogel went to a lineup that consisted of Booker, Beal, Allen, Gordon, and Kevin Durant at the center. This lineup was able to create many looks and get up the right amount of threes that were needed. What the Suns put out last night could potentially be their version of a death lineup. They went on a 32-8 run, while Kevin Durant dominated the fourth with his 15 points.

This game was a good sign from the role players, showing that they can come through when needed the most. Devin Booker and Bradley Beal were struggling, but Phoenix came together as a team and prevailed. Grayson Allen has been one of the best additions from this past offseason. He has given the Suns great three-point shooting (second best in the league at 48.0%) and intensity on both sides of the floor. Grayson also finished with 9 threes (tying the franchise record), the second time he has done so this season. It would be excellent if the Suns could keep him for the future. Eric Gordon also showed his scoring abilities off the bench, contributing 13 points.

Suns broadcaster Eddie Johnson stated that ‘this is the turning point’ for this team and that they will only get better. It definitely feels that way, as the Suns just completed the fourth-largest fourth-quarter comeback in NBA history. This team is forming a bond with plenty of games left in the season. These are the type of moments that just bring teams together, and you could see that once the job was done, every player on the Suns had an ecstatic look on their face.

It should be very exciting to see where this team gets; they just have to keep getting better. It has definitely been an interesting season, to say the least. But with the trade deadline coming up, surely enough, things will only get more intense.”


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