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Where are they now: EVIT Alumnus Evan Dean on Excellence in Post-Production

Author: Lenore Carey

It was a bittersweet moment for the Radio/Audio Production program when Evan Dean completed Radio/Audio Production in 2018. The entire class would miss his offbeat humor and tireless work ethic. 

With graduation behind him, Evan enrolled at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences (CRAS) to take his sound design skills to the next level. After finishing CRAS’s 11-month program, he headed to Los Angeles to start his post-production internship.

Evan recalls considering a career in post-production as early as age 13. “My mom saw a newspaper article about EVIT, “ he said. “…[EVIT] primarily used the ProTools program, which is an industry standard in post-production. I saw that as a great way to get a jump-start and learn that program at a very young age.”

Currently, Evan is a recordist and editor at Voice & Script International (VSI) in Los Angeles. VSI is a global leader in dubbing foreign media, such as movies and television shows. Working at VSI, Evan fufills his lifelong dream of providing quality sound to adventures of all kinds.

Evan’s daily responsibilites are working with voice actors to capture their best performances, and optimizing dialogue for commercial use. His wide range of credits include award-winning anime tales (Vinland Saga), children’s cartoons (Wake Up, Carlo!), and even international hits such as the TV series Squid Game.

An in-depth education prepared Evan for working in Hollywood. “My further schooling at CRAS was a jumpstart that helped me get super far ahead,” he said. “Seeing [EVIT] on my resume, and seeing the feedback from Mr. Juday, was one of the reasons VSI wanted to give me a chance.”

Evan’s everyday philosophy at VSI is to go above-and-beyond. “I go up to receptionists and say ‘Hey, do you need help keeping the place tidy?’ because regardless of our position, we all want to be in this.”

Evan attributes his helpful communication style to his time spent working at sporting events with the staff of 88-7 The Pulse. “It gave me a lot of insight on how to carry myself in a professional field, while also having empathy for other people.” he mused.

Evan’s greatest advice for any upcoming professional is to express interest in everybody around you, regardless of their job title, and to pay attention to the skills they teach you. Waking up every day and striving for excellence is what creates lasting success.


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