Devin Booker Beats the Buzzer, Leading to a 116-113 Victory

Sports Director- Hayden Barto

On a Sunday evening matchup of the Suns vs. the Knicks Devin Booker hits a game winning three to beat the Knick 116-113. This marks Phoenix’s seventh win in a row.

In the first 10 games of the season, the Suns had a slow start, and things were looking rough with injuries stacking up. Thankfully when Devin Booker returned vs. Minnesota on November 15th, things have only trended upwards for the Suns.

There should seriously be more conversation of how Devin Booker impacts this team. They just look like a completely different monster with him on the floor. As the Suns are 8-1 when Booker plays.

As Devin Booker is excelling in a new role this season, it looks like if the Suns can be fully healthy, then they will be a serious threat to opposing teams.


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